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Soft Tissue Grafting

mature man smiling with greying hairWhen you are suffering from advanced gum disease, you may notice that your gums start to pull away from your teeth. This can lead to increased sensitivity and a host of other problems, so you will need to work with your periodontist to treat the issue before it can progress.

Treating Your Gum Recession

There are several ways that your gum recession can be treated. First, a professional cleaning can be used to stop the recession. This procedure is known as scaling and root planing, and it can help the gums to heal so that they don't recede further.

If you need more extensive treatment, a gum graft is often recommended. According to the American Academy of Periodontology, this option can repair the wounded areas where recession has occurred, and it can also help to prevent future infections.

Types of Grafts

There are several different types of gum grafts available if this is the treatment option that you need to pursue, and your periodontist will help you to choose the right option:

Connective tissue grafts.
This is the most common grafting procedure, and it takes tissue from the roof of your mouth, or commercial tissue can be used.
Free gingival graft.
Similar to the connective tissue grafts, this option involves taking tissue directly from the palate. This procedure is seldom used today.
Pedicle graft.
This option uses tissue found next to the tooth that needs a repair in order to perform the graft.

Are you concerned that your gums might be receding? Talk to our office about ways to treat the problem.
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