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Soft Tissue Grafting

Mature man smiling with greying hairReceding gum lines can be embarrassing, let alone dangerous. John A. Lindsay and Daniel R. Noorthoek Periodontics and Implantology is here to restore your oral confidence and to make sure that you are on your A-game once more! We have years of experience dealing with all assortments of periodontal issues, so finding a way to fix your diminishing gums is right in our line of expertise! If you think that you may be a prime candidate for tissue grafting, or simply are on the lookout for more information, feel free to give us a call today!

What is a Soft Tissue Graft?

Tissue grafting is a great way to take care of the problems that can come alongside a receding gum line. One example of this could include tooth sensitivity due to an exposed root. While soft tissue grafting may sound straightforward, there are a few subtypes that our dentist will help you choose from. We can help you find which one is the best fit for you! The first and most common option is a free gingival graft. This procedure adds to the tissues that you already have by taking some tissues from the roof of your mouth (your palate) and combining it with the receding gums.

The second option is a connective tissue graft, in which your problem area tends to be a bit larger than a single tooth or exposed root. In this particular procedure, our dentists will retrieve subepithelial tissues from a small flap in your mouth. This will then be sutured over the area that needs assistance and then reshaped to fit and enhance your smile. Last but not least, we have the pedicle graft. This one is a great option for some, as it keeps all of your blood vessels in place by simply moving a flap of adjacent gums over to simply cover the problem site.

Benefits of a Soft-Tissue Graft

You can have issues with your gums for any number of reasons, from genetics, to disease, to a bad diet. However, for every potential problem, there is a solution. These options can strengthen your gums, cosmetically enhance them if they have been damaged by injury or misshapen by nature, or can restore the healthy appearance of your gums after periodontal disease has wreaked havoc. We can help you to be comfortable with your appearance and physically be comfortable eating and drinking your favorite foods once again as we cut back on your sensitivity significantly.

With tissue grafting, John A. Lindsay and Daniel R. Noorthoek Periodontics and Implantology will have you well on your way to regaining your radiant smile, just how you imagined it. We can have you up and ready in no time, pain and worry-free. Tissue grafting can be daunting if you do not know what to expect, but we can assure you that you are in the best hands and that you will be more than comfortable in our office. Our experienced and expert staff can help you to understand the process every step of the way.
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